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The best poker machines can be found online. Online poker machines resemble Domestic Joker Poker, Cake Poker and other poker machines, but share better profits and offer more challenge and options.

There are dozens of poker vendors out of the traditional Jacks or Better for one hundred hand games, level-up poker and power poker. Each form of game requires its own strategy and asks for some kind of skill, and of course the luck of rip.


All poker slot machines are combined with the fact that they are single games (as opposed to multiplayer online poker) that try to get the best poker hand through exchanging cards.

The winnings will depend on the strength of the hand and the bet on the bet. At most, winnings rise to thousands and jackpots up to hundreds of thousands. If you win a win, you can try to double or raise your winnings.

There are countless versions of poker machines: there may be jokers, winnings can be obtained with different sizes, more hands can be played simultaneously, winning can increase the payoff,

You can try all the games for free with play money, but like all poker games, you can also play video poker securely within cash.


Usually you are given five cards, you will replace them and you will be replaced. So you play one hand at a time. However, you will also find video poker for three, five, ten or even hundreds of hands. Playing is as easy, but more exciting.

With multi-hand video poker, you will be given one starting card that will give you all the different hands. You choose the cards you want to keep as usual. These cards are "copied" in every hand. Next, pull out the new cards each and every hand separately. That is, even if you got a straight split and changed the pair, the pair is copied into all hands and the remaining three cards are pulled separately into each hand. So you can win or lose even if all hands at one go.

Casinos on the Net offer multi-handed games with a variety of poker variants: Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or Cake Poker and other various video Play Scratch Cards  can be found in all multi-hand games. Online gambling can still be found by many different manufacturers so that you have a good choice.


Level Up Poker Machines are standard video poker games with extra frustration to win winning levels. Whenever you win, you get to a new level where your winnings are bigger.

At level up poker, you always pay four hands at first, so if your bet is € 0.10 the game round costs € 0.40.

This is how you play Level Up

Select the desired bet and the coin value (the maximum bet will be bigger)

Share the first hand

Choose the cards you want and replace the remaining one (you can change it all)

If you win, the game continues without paying any additional bet. You will immediately get your second hand straight. The winnings of the other hand are doubled.

If you won a new win, you will reach the third level where the winnings are divided four times.

On the fourth level, profits are paid 8 times.

The loss ends the game and you return to the first level. There are free Ride cards to get to the top without any profit.